Stucco Repair

Siding, stucco, and decorative stone for exterior walls is an extremely important subject. Done correctly, these wall coverings could either provide outstanding protection for your house or damage it in the worst way possible, if the job isn’t done correctly. When the job meets or exceeds code standards, is done using the best materials on the market, and is done by an experienced and honest crew, there is no doubt that the wall covering will provide maximum protection for decades to come with minimum maintenance. But if some or all of these factors are missing, there is no question that something will go very wrong and very soon. Unfortunately, when it’s noticed it could be too late. The damage to the framing could be so bad, that there is no other way but to replace both the sheer wall and the framing.

With all that said, it should be obvious that selecting the right contractor is important. You need to choose a company for the project carefully and select someone that you can trust.

Zeus Remodeling will open a new world of stucco for you, as we use both traditional methods and materials, but also offer a whole new concept of how the stucco is done:

  • • Insulated Stucco Systems
  • • Flexi-finishes
  • • Colored Stucco, no need to repaint EVER!!!!!
  • • Stucco Trimming (colored)
  • • Diamond wall
  • • Stucco Glaze Systems
  • • Toughest commercial finishes!!!!

Here is a short review of our favorite finishes from best brands on the market:

Weatherlastic is a line of textured finishes that are 100% acrylic, utilizing DPR (Dirt Pickup Resistant) chemistry and an elastomeric binder to bridge hairline cracks. Weatherlastic is available in four distinct textures. Weatherlastic Quarzputz®, Weatherlastic Sandpebble®, Weatherlastic Sandpebble® Fine, and Weatherlastic Adobe® achieve textures which are governed by aggregate size as well as the trowel motion in finishing the wall. Quarzputz produces an open-textured pattern in a regular or random style, Sandpebble trowels to a pebble texture, Sandpebble Fine produces a fine pebble texture; Adobe trowels to a smooth, fine sand texture. Weatherlastic finishes are ideally suited as a protective and decorative coat over stucco, concrete, masonry, CMU, and EIFS substrates.

Weatherlastic Smooth:
Weatherlastic Smooth is a water-based elastomeric wall coating. It is easily applied with an airless spray or roller. Weatherlastic Smooth is based upon a 100% acrylic, copolymer elastomeric resin, which provides excellent elongation and flexibility at low temperatures. The coating resists mildew growth and dirt pickup and is highly chalkresistant. Use of Weatherlastic Smooth is recommended as a waterproof coating on properly prepared concrete, masonry, EIFS, and stucco substrates.


  • • Low life-cycle costs • Will last decades with little maintenance
  • • Durable and impact resistant
  • • Can withstand years of weather and physical abuse
  • • Cement-based
  • • Fungus, rot, and insect resistant
  • • Fire-resistant
  • • Non-combustible and available in 1-hour fire resistant rated assemblies
  • • Offers a variety of finishes
  • • Stucco, acrylic, stucco, paint, and stone are all finish options
  • • Shorter construction schedule
  • • Finish coat can be applied in as little as 24-hours after the brown coat
  • • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • • Assembly’s R-value is increased when foam board is utilized
  • • Consistency
  • • Factory blended mix requiring only sand and water to be added in the field
  • • Lower Weight
  • • Reduces the exterior cladding weight by approximately 50%
  • • Omega Support
  • • Comes with a warranty and the best technical support in the industry









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